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Florist in Morocco IN TAMOFLOWERS.COM – Terms and Conditions

hotel delivery

For hotel delivery, we need to get the full information, including hotel name, address, telephone, room number with guest/recipient name. Please be aware that most hotels may not allow direct room delivery, therefore our local florist will need to leave flowers at the front desk. Hotel reception or front office staff may refuse to take flowers if they do not recognize the recipient. Flowers can be lost at the front desk or front desk. In these cases, will not be liable and no refunds will be given.

Flowers / products may be similar

The images on our website are system images and are for reference only and the flowers delivered may look different. While every effort is made to match as closely as possible, color shades can sometimes be different from the website image. Depending on availability on the day if the exact color is not available, we reserve the right to substitute with an alternative color and if a particular flower is not available, a suitable replacement will be made of the same value or greater, to try and match as soon as possible the original order. Some flower and plant products may be delivered in a bud to ensure a longer life. Packages, boxes, vases, etc. may change depending on availability on the day.

Additional gifts (extras)

If a teddy bear, vase, balloons, etc. are requested, it will be delivered with flowers. We reserve the right to supply the item with a color/wording change from the image, depending on availability on the day. This does not apply to wines, which will always be to order, reds, whites, champagne etc. The brand name may only be changed if necessary. Regarding consumables, an item that is not available will be replaced with a similar replacement. In most cases, gifts / cakes / chocolates should be accompanied by flowers. A message will advise not to select any product if this is the case and you will need to add flowers to your order.


If you place an order on, the flowers can usually be delivered the next day. Since the delivery depends on the availability of our florist, we cannot guarantee a specific time. For some locations, you will have the ability to choose morning or evening delivery. If there is a local holiday / Sunday on the day of delivery, the florist has the right to change the day of delivery. Some delivery times may vary without notice during peak periods. On very special dates such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, a few different conditions may apply. In periods of increased order volume, we cannot guarantee morning or afternoon delivery, even if you were able to select this option when placing your order. If such a special period for delivery is not made on the day you have chosen, the florist reserves the right to deliver it as soon as possible. This may even be the next day.


Mandatory information for delivery

We need to have the complete and correct information as well as the recipient’s local phone number for your flower order. The florist will not contact the recipient to request a delivery address. Without this information provided by the customer, TAMOFLOWERS.COM cannot guarantee the delivery of the order and no refunds should be made. When our florist realizes that the recipient address is incorrect, we will try to contact you. However, delivery can only be confirmed within 2 days, for example, if you order on June 15, we need the correct address on June 13. Since the customer is responsible for the correctness of his information, TAMOFLOWERS will not be responsible if the order cannot be delivered. In this case there will be no refund for the order.

delivery fee

Delivery charges may be displayed during the ordering process. Delivery fees depend on the region and the availability of our florist for delivery there. Some stores may refuse certain areas, in which case the order will be cancelled. If you need flower delivery in a remote area, the florist may charge an additional cost for this delivery. In this case we will contact you before delivery.

Recipient unavailable / not home

The florist always tries to contact the recipient before delivery by phone. In some cases, they try to make the delivery without speaking to the recipient or if they don’t answer the phone. The florist can make the delivery by leaving the flowers by the custodian or the janitor. This is also considered a delivery. If the recipient refuses to take the flowers for any reason, they cannot be refunded because the florist has prepared the flowers and attempted to deliver them.

the changes

A change to the delivery address or to whom the flowers should be delivered can only be guaranteed when it is done two days prior to the delivery date. If a change is sent with short-term notice, TAMOFLOWERS reserves the right to cancel the order. The same applies to changes in the card message. If you would like to amend your flower order letter, we need to write it one day before the order is delivered. Otherwise we cannot confirm the text message change. If you want to send flowers to a hotel, hospital or public building, we cannot guarantee delivery. However, in most cases the desired flowers will arrive. For delivery to such a location, a complete address and phone number are more important. Please provide in these cases all the information you have in the Delivery Comment field (eg room number). Our florist cannot deliver flowers to PO Box, you will need to provide an alternate address or we will need to cancel the order. If the recipient refuses the flowers, you are not entitled to a refund by TAMOFLOWERS

Same day delivery

If you place an order on our website, the flowers can usually be delivered the next day. Even if some locations offer same day delivery, we cannot guarantee this.

late delivery

For any late deliveries beyond our florist’s control, there may be no refund for the customer. For example, if the recipient is not at home or is not currently available at the specified address. However, the florist will always try to contact the recipient before by phone and arrange delivery.

force majeure

Due to any unforeseen events beyond the control of your local florist and TAMOFLOWERS.COM, we cannot guarantee delivery on the requested date. This includes all current restrictions due to Covid-19. In this case, the florist has the right to deliver the flowers after a few days.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your flower order, please note that we need to write this cancellation request to the specific order number 48 hours before the delivery date. All cases are sent back to us after this deadline, cancellation and refund cannot be guaranteed.


When you are not satisfied with the service provided and the flowers received by the recipient, please send a written complaint and a photo of the bouquet. We must receive the complaint within two days after the delivery date. Otherwise we may not be able to consider your complaint.


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