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Best places for Mother's Day brunch in Morocco

10 Best places for Mother’s Day brunch in Morocco

10Best places for Mother’s Day brunch in Morocco

10 Best places for Mother’s Day brunch in Morocco

mothers day brunch

Morocco is known for its rich culinary heritage, and there are several great places to enjoy a special Mother’s Day brunch. Keep in mind that specific recommendations can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check for the latest reviews and current offerings. Here are some general types of places and cities you might consider:

Luxury Hotels:

Many luxury hotels in cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, and Fes offer exquisite brunch options in beautiful settings. These establishments often have diverse menus with both traditional Moroccan dishes and international cuisine.

Riad Restaurants:

Riads are traditional Moroccan houses or palaces with interior gardens. Some riads in cities like Marrakech and Chefchaouen have restaurants that offer an authentic atmosphere and delicious Moroccan cuisine. They can be a unique and charming place for a special brunch.

Gourmet Restaurants:delicious brunch

Explore gourmet restaurants in major cities, as they often have special brunch menus on weekends. These establishments may provide a fine-dining experience with a mix of Moroccan and international flavors.

Coastal Cities:

If you’re in a coastal city like Essaouira or Agadir, consider seaside restaurants for a picturesque Mother’s Day brunch. You can enjoy fresh seafood and a relaxing atmosphere by the ocean.

In cities like Rabat and Tangier, there are charming cafés and tearooms where you can enjoy a more casual brunch setting. Some places may offer a combination of traditional Moroccan pastries and international breakfast options.

Culinary Tours:

Joining a culinary tour can be a fantastic way to experience various Moroccan dishes. These tours might include stops at local markets, bakeries, and restaurants, providing a comprehensive food experience.

traditional moroccan cuisine

For a truly authentic experience, opt for traditional Moroccan restaurants known for their couscous, tagines, and other local specialties. These can often be found in the medinas of cities like Marrakech and Fes.

Remember to make reservations well in advance, especially for special occasions like Mother’s Day, and check for any special events or promotions that may be happening. Additionally,

consider your mother’s preferences and whether she would enjoy a more traditional Moroccan experience or a modern and upscale brunch setting.

best brunch places for Mother’s Day brunch in Morocco



Where do you find the best food in Morocco?

The truth is that the best meals on our trip were in private homes, not in small hotels or fancy restaurants. We found the home cooked food to be full of passion, delicious and served with a

level of hospitality that I would like to emulate in my own home. Our experiences included a lunch that we shared with Mohammed, the man who drove us to and from the desert.

His mother invited us into her kitchen while she prepared couscous in a clay pot suspended over an open fire. I served it in one wide bowl on the floor, with all of us,

my family and hers, on low pillows with big spoons for eating. This is the kind of experience you can’t get in a restaurant,

which is what makes traveling the world worthwhile in my book.traditional moroccan cuisine 

Best places for Mother's Day brunch in Morocco


Moroccan restaurants

Since most of our trip was fairly remote, we ate many of our meals at the lodges and campgrounds we stayed at. In Marrakesh and Essaouira, we had the opportunity to explore the dining scene. Here’s what we tried:delicious brunch


Dar Yacout – Recommended by a Moroccan friend, this place was as much theater as it was dining. The restaurant is located in a luxurious riad, and the meal includes a set menu served in a procession of giant tagines.

It was a good opportunity to try traditional dishes and would be especially enjoyable if you are traveling with a family or larger group.

Sahbi Sahbi – Outside of the city, this was great Moroccan food prepared by an all-female kitchen crew in an elegant setting.

Al Jardine –

We enjoyed a delicious lunch here on the beautiful outdoor patio.

Jardin Majorelle et promenade à dos de chameau dans la Palmeraie au départ de Marrakech


Découvrez une oasis d’art et de paysages au jardin Majorelle, puis apprenez à monter un chameau dans la Palmeraie lors d’une escapade urbaine d’une demi-

journée à Marrakech. Promenez-vous sur des chemins soigneusement entretenus et conçus avec de magnifiques lignes, prenez de superbes photos des structures

insolites du jardin et traversez une oasis de palmiers au bord du désert. Avec des départs disponibles le matin et l’après-midi, cette excursion combinée d’une

demi-journée inclut l’entrée et toutes les activités, ainsi que le transfert et le dépôt vers votre hôtel de Marrakech.



The Menara Gardens


The Menara Gardens are a haven of tranquility in the forever bustling Marrakesh. A lovingly cared-for natural setting, with a long history and offering spectacular views of the Atlas mountains. Just some of the reasons that this is a favourite haunt of both couples and families. Most people come here as evening falls, when the setting sun lengthens the shadows of the thousands of plants growing along the paths and in the squares, and tints everything with gold and red hues, making the place feel rather unreal.

For nine centuries, this has been one of the city’s most attractive spaces. It is also located next to the international airport, so many travellers make it the last visit of their stay, or come here for a break


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